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 We are a low cost and professional alternative to the Mac Store, which will, frankly, rip you off. We can fix cracked screens, “sad faces”, etc for often a fraction of what those “geniuses” at the Mac Store charge.  We work on all Apple desktops and laptops. 

For Macbooks, Apple has changed their designs over the years (and some are easier to work on than others) so please click on the links below to help determine how much it will cost to fix your Macbook.


White/Black Macbook (~2006)  Macbook Pro Aluminum (~2007)  Macbook Pro 3rd Gen (~2009 to mid 2012)
1stgenwhitemacbook MACBOOKPRO2007ISH MACBOOKPRO2009
Macbook Pro Retina (~mid 2012 to present)    Macbook Air
MacBook Pro 13 Retina 01 800 macbook air


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