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I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter. 



Computer Repair:

Data Recovery + new 500GB hard drive (2 year guarantee) + install is only $229.  Compare at over $300 and up!

Full System Tuneup -- virus removal, system optimization, removal of bloat -- only $79

Macbook Pro HDD Cable Replacement (very common all 2009-2012 models) -- only $109

Professional Laptop Fan Clean and Re-application of high quality thermal paste -- only $69

As always, if you get a lower quote give us a call and we will match it!  These are only a fraction of the services we offer call for more info.



PLEASE NOTE: all laptops that WILL NOT POWER ON AT ALL or DISPLAY NO VIDEO (not cracked or dim screen, but no video) are now subject to a $50 diagnostic fee and the labor involved in your repair will not be refundable.  This applies to roughly 20% of the laptops we see. If you don't have these symptoms diagnostic will be FREE.



(Office) 206.905.9340
(Mobile) 718.414.9798


1802 12th Ave (12th and E. Howell) in Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA 98122


Sales.  Service.  Love.

We are here to help you love your computer.  The relationship between you and your technology should be painless and productive.  To that end we don't speak geek (unless you want to!), we don't charge for diagnostics and our technicians can fix your computer often in under 24 hours.  Our unique "computer overhaul" can turn even an old model into an able and quick performer. 


In contrast to the "big box" style approach to computer service, we are focused on solutions, not maximizing the profit we can extract from your computer's misfortune.  However, we are not "the guy from Craigslist" promising bottom barrel rates (and service) either. 


When you walk in our office and store you will immediately notice the Computer Love difference: from our nattily dressed technicians and well organized operation, to our customer service oriented hours of operation and sales approach.  


Call, email or stop by today!  We know you'll be impressed.


Our Staff

Electronics Engineer Joe Schoutens:

Air Force veteran Joe has over 20 years first hand experience with a wide manner of electronics.  He cut his teeth on aviation electronics and now owns his own company Tech Bliss, in addition to his work at Computer Love.   Joe has the analytical mind and thoroughness needed to work on a wide manner of repairs including DC Jack solders, liquid damage repairs, motherboard changes, screen repairs, etc.  He is also a part time metal smith whenever a Macbook Air screen needs replacing!  





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